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Gum helps combat sugar craving

A consumer study on the gum found that it enabled its users to significantly cut down on sweets

Chewing gum may be a sweet victory for weight loss

9 out of every 10 participants lost weight using Sweet Victory Gum

A real victory

Sweet Victory Gum won Vitafoods Europe’s Startup Innovation Challenge 2023 for finished nutraceutical products

Sweet Victory over sugar cravings

An Israeli start-up, Sweet Victory, has created a botanical-infused gum that abates sugar cravings within two minutes

Craving-Crusher Botanical

Good news for those who chronically capitulate to sugar seduction: Israeli start-up created a delicious line of botanical-infused chewing gums

Sweet Victory on prime time TV news

After winning first place at a food-tech competition, Sweet Victory Gum reach to the prime time news.

The "craving- crusher" gum

An Israeli start-up has unveiled a chewing gum designed to stop sugary treat cravings in their tracks

What a Sweet Victory!

In a startup competition that took place in the business faculty at the University of Tel Aviv, Sweet Victory’s gum won first place in the food tech section.

Sweet Victory gum first appearance on TV.

The magical chwing gum

New chewing gum helps you resist sugary foods

Sweet Victory gum contains a small amount of extract of an Indian plant known for millennia to help control glucose metabolism.

Stopping sweet cravings

Sweet Victory’s botanical-infused chewing gum blocks sugar receptors and curbs cravings.

Sweet: New Chewing Gum Turns Users Off Sugary Treats

Sweet Victory contains plant extracts that control the body’s glucose balance.