the research

In March 2023
a consumer research was held by New Sense Research,
shows that 80% of participants
declared to reduce significantly their consumption of sweets
by chewing the Sweet Victory Gum. 

Proof of Product


9 out of 10 people
lost weight

70% will recommend
the product

The average weight loss
is 2.6 Kilo per month

81% declared a
significant increase in control
of food choices

80% of participants
significantly reduced their consumption of

The product perceived as innovative for consumers that want to maintain their weight and to decrease sugar craving

80% decreased consumption of sweets

A significant decrease in consumption of sweets is observed

The effects of the gum are apparent from the first use but continued and prolonged use, significantly increased effectiveness. On day 1 of the experiment 53% of the participants claimed that they decreased sugar cravings. On day 4, this number increased to 79% and remained consistent.

The consistency of this data indicates the
consistency of the product's positive results

If the product was not effective, participants would not have continued to use it

81% felt more control over food choices

81% felt more control over food choices
Along the experience, the control over food choices raised up to the third day and doubled. Subsequently, the level of control remains high and constant.
Fits for every moment


Gums Consumed per day
on average

Consumption time with respect to meals

Consumption time
during the day

The gum is consumed throughout the day, both before and after a meal
Consumer research

is a research company that specializes in conducting sensory research.

Sensory research deals with consumption analysis of products and services that stimulate and activate our senses, such as food products, detergents, cosmetic products, product packaging, audio products and more.

Target Audience


80% Women

20% Men

Age group

Age group

Interested in reducing the consumption of sweets and are not on any diet


Home usage test

For two weeks, participants were asked to use the product for 3 times a day, total of 45 gums.
Participants were asked to weigh themselves 3 times during the research. The research was carried in March 2023.